15 Closet Hacks to Get the Most out of Your Space
How to Organize Your Closet

Americans are known for their tendency to over consume everything from food to clothing to electronics and more. For instance, studies show that most consumers only wear around 20 percent of the clothing they own, while the remaining 80 percent of their clothes hang in the closet and take up space. Additionally, the average American home contains up to $1,600 worth of clutter. If you can relate, you likely need to organize your home—starting with your closets.

If you regularly purchase new clothing, shoes, accessories and other personal belongings, you may struggle to create additional space in your closets after each purchase. However, plenty of clever closet hacks are available for you and your family to try if you tend to overconsume but have little storage space for your belongings. To explore these closet hacks in greater detail, review the sections below.

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What are the best closet hacks for my small space?

Whether you live in a 2,000-square foot single-family home or you live in a 450-foot Manhattan apartment, your closets may not be as large as you would like. However, there are plenty of ways to maximize your closet space without building a custom walk-in closet or purchasing bulky furniture pieces. Here is a full list of genius hacks to help you get the most out of your closet space.

#1 – Build or purchase a clothing storage rack

If your closet space allows for it, purchase a foldable garment rack for hanging your clothing items. You can also build your own rack out of galvanized pipe, pipe elbows and wood shelving if you enjoy DIY projects. If the clothing rack does not fit inside of the closet, place it somewhere else in the room.

#2 – Mount your tie hanger to the wall

Since ties already hang flat, simply mount your tie hanger to the inside of the closet’s wall to free up rack space without having to store your ties somewhere else.

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#3 – Hang wire baskets or catchalls to your closet door or wall

To hold jewelry, undergarments, scarves and other accessories, hang catchalls and plastic or wire baskets from the inner walls of the closet or on the inside of a sliding closet door. These baskets will help keep your accessories in one place without being in the way or taking up unnecessary space.

#4 – Get a modular bookshelf

To add plenty of additional storage spaces to the inside of your closet, purchase or build your own modular bookshelf for storing folded shirts, shorts and other clothing items that do not need to be hung.

#5 – Hang a second clothing rod beneath the current rod

Use two chains and four S-hooks to hang a second clothes rod from your current rod. To do so, hang a chain from each side of your current clothing rod and attach a chain to each end of the second rod. Alternately, you can install an additional rod that is attached to the closet walls at each end. This give you extra hanging space that you can utilize to hang shorter items of clothing, such as blouses and skirts.

#6 – Install wire shelving

To make use of each empty end of your closet, install wire shelves that can be used to hold clothing pieces, towels, blankets, storage baskets and more.

#7 – Use plastic hooks

Install plastic hooks to the back of your closet’s wall to hang coats, scarves, bags and other accessories, freeing up space on your rack for more delicate clothing.

#8 – Use S-hooks to hang your pants or belts

Instead of folding your pants or shorts in half and hanging them from bulky wooden handers, place S-hooks on your clothing rod to hang each pair of pants or shorts from a single belt loop and save yourself some much needed space.

#9 – Mount a hanging fruit basket from the ceiling

Three-tiered hanging fruit baskets can be used outside of the kitchen as well, as they can be hung from the ceiling in your closet. After hanging the basket in your closet, use each tier to store hats, socks, undergarments, mittens, gloves and more.

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#10 – Rotate your wardrobe

If you live in a region with changing seasons, you probably save certain pieces of your clothing for the summer or winter months. To create a spacious, more organized closet all year-round, however, you may rotate your clothing at the end of each season. To do so, simply pack up your unneeded clothing at the end of each season and store each item away in a plastic storage bin or empty box. After you clear out the closet, hang only the clothing you plan to wear throughout the coming months.

#11 – Store clean baby clothes in an ornament box

To save space when storing your many pieces of baby clothes, roll each item up and place each garment in an ornament box. Then, set the ornament box in a drawer, on a shelf or in your closet.

#12 – Purchase an over-the-door shoe organizer

If you own multiple pairs of shoes, create extra space in your closet by purchasing an over-the-door shoe organizer and hanging it from your closet door or the door to your bedroom. This will help reduce shoe-clutter and make your shoes more accessible.

#13 – Use multi-purpose hangers

If you need to hang a variety of accessories such as scarves, head wraps, ties and belts, look for a multi-purpose hanger to help you organize your smaller accessories.

#14 – Look for wire shelving organizers

If your closet contains wire shelving, purchase separate wire shelving organizers to store folded clothes and pajamas, as these organizers easily connect to the shelving and hang directly below the shelf.

#15 – Organize your linen closets

If your linen closet is small and cluttered, use wire baskets, behind-the-door organizers and wicker baskets to organize and de-clutter your towels, blankets, linens and personal care products.

What are the cheapest closet hacks I can try?

Whether your closet is small and cramped or you simply own one too many things, there are plenty of affordable solutions to try. To maximize your closet space on a budget, try the following hacks.

  • Using shower curtain rings to hang your tank tops or scarves from a single hanger.
  • Mounting hooks to your closet walls to hang your necklaces or other jewelry.
  • Mounting up to 40 inches of crown molding to the inner walls of your closet and hanging your heeled shoes from them.
  • Securing brackets to the inside of the closet’s walls and hanging S-hooks or standard hangers from them.
  • Hanging a rope light around the perimeter of your closet door if your closet is not well lit.
  • Using unwanted shoe boxes to organize your dresser drawers.

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